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Man Shed: A Fun Dinner with The Feel of Antique Car Repair Shop

Bali is the complete island that offers all excitement in one place. If you are the sea lovers, then you can visit many beaches in Bali and do some water sports. However, if you just enjoy hanging out with friends, then you can go to the cafes because cafes in Bali can offer the full entertainment for you with delicious gourmet to enjoy. Meanwhile, if you are a man and you like classic cars or motors, then you can go to Man Shed and spend your time there with vintage cars lovers.


Hanging Out to Find Entertainment and Hobby at Man Shed Cafe in Bali

Hanging out with friends in Balinese cafe is something you should put on the list for entertainment. There are many unique cafes alongside the road and it is not hard to find the hidden gem there. One of the must visit place is Man Shed. This is the cafe with antique motors and cars as the background. This cafe is located in Sanur Bali and inside the 1-hectare cafe, you might feel like inside the museum instead of modern cafe. You will be pampered by so many antique and old vehicles from different eras while enjoying the meals Man Shed has to offer.

What makes this place interesting is the customers can rent the motorcycles and cars inside the cafe. The cafe is open for photo shooting too for magazine and other occasions including pre-wedding. You can also take your photo near the car if you want where you can’t touch it freely when you visit the real museum. However, you need to pay in high price around Rp 500.000 if you want to rent the cars with special terms and conditions you need to follow. Back then, this cafe was actually the repair shop but it was abandoned.

After that, this abandoned place is turned as the cafe without changing the concept of repair shop that has been there. When you enter this place, your eyes might be fixed to the interior design of the place such as the repairing tools and others you can see at the repair shop. However, those are the precious properties for attracting people coming to the cafe. Many people say this is the “man” cafe who loves automotive so much. However, to add more aesthetic to the interior, Man Shed also uses the secondhand stuff.

You can see the old payphone, beer bottles even the Vespa motor that can be used anymore inside the cafe and those become the decoration of this place. You can also play billiard with your friends or strangers here without paying at all while waiting for the meal to come. This cafe also holds the live music and you can also watch the live sport through the giant screen there. This cafe is not that hard to fin because it is located on Sanur.

If you depart from Legian or Kuta, you can ride the motor bike to Sanur and when you enter the domain of Sanur, you just need to search for Tirtanadi II which is close to Jalan Merta Sari. After finding the street, you just need to find the sign of Man Shed and follow the route. You can enjoy this cafe along with entertainment and who knows, you can meet your right one here.

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