Every country has its own typical public transportation used by many people. Some might be still used but others might be gone or those just become the history or memory. One of the memorable public vehicle has ever existed in Indonesia is Helicak. Back then, you could meet this vehicle in Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia. Well, Helicak is not the only one because Jakarta has several unique and typical public vehicles but Helicak can’t be seen anymore in these modern days.

The development of technology in Indonesia might not be as fast as other advanced countries in the world such as United States. Indonesia also doesn’t have national cars which are produced in massive amount. However, when it comes to the skill in making so many types of vehicles, don’t underestimate the youth in this country because The United Nations use the combat cars created and manufactured from Indonesia and this has to be appreciated high.

Every vehicle in the world has its own history and if you want to learn more about them all without visiting the country one by one, then you can visit Museum Angkut Malang which is the largest in South East Asia or more. There are many interesting things you can see and learn inside so you will not be bored at all spending much time there. This place will serve you with many types of transportation used in the past until now and the term “angkut” is taken from “angkutan” which means transportation mode.

No one knows that a century ago far away before Indonesia got its independence and The Oath of Youth had not been declared, this country had around 200 brands of car. Well, this is the truth. You have to know that even other countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore didn’t have the numerous amounts of vehicle. Perhaps, this something unbelievable since back then, many people were still under the colonization

Having luxurious and expensive vehicles is common thing for celebrities because it can support their appearance in front of people and they have money to buy. However, some of Indonesian celebrities choose classic car instead of the latest version. Well, it is true that something classic has its own charm and some of them dare to spend much money to get the vintage and rare vehicles. Even one Indonesian celebrity doesn’t only have one but more of classic vehicles for collection.

Classic cars sometimes define as old cars. Actually, there is no standard definition. People just define the meaning of classic cars based on their own assumption. The word ‘classic’ itself refers to the class of the taxation in some states in America. In the north side of America, there is a different criteria includes the age of the cars. While England also has the special criteria but it is said to be not so strict to classify. How about Indonesia? 



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Cikal Bakal Datsun GO Yang Menjadi Incaran Para Penggemar Mobil Klasik

Anak muda ‘jaman now’ bisa jadi mengenal Datsun GO sebagai salah satu mobil ramah lingkungan atau Low Cost Green Car (LCGC). Namun, menengok ke belakang, Datsun zaman dulu ternyata masih banyak dicari penggemar mobil kuno. Mesin Datsun klasik terbilang tangguh alias bandel. Hal itu juga yang membuat Datsun dulu terbilang laris. Dalam kondisi mati saja, kini bisa dihargai sekitar Rp 30 juta-Rp 40 juta. Apalagi jika dalam kondisi bagus dan sudah dimodifikasi, harganya bisa dibanderol sekitar Rp…
Different Restaurant Sensation With Automotive Feel

Different Restaurant Sensation With Automotive Feel

The concept of a restaurant is an important thing to think about when making a restaurant. Having a different and unique concept will make the restaurant have its own charm. The uniqueness of a restaurant combined with delicious food will certainly make the restaurant a favorite place to be able to spend time with family or friends just to eat or a place to hang out. Getting entertainment in the restaurant will certainly add its own impression when visiting a restaurant.

Karoseri Bak Truk Untuk Angkut Sapi

Karoseri Bak Truk Rp60.000.000 Per Unit

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