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Who Would Have Thought If A Century Ago, This Country Already Had Around 200 Cars of Various Brands

No one knows that a century ago far away before Indonesia got its independence and The Oath of Youth had not been declared, this country had around 200 brands of car. Well, this is the truth. You have to know that even other countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore didn’t have the numerous amounts of vehicle. Perhaps, this something unbelievable since back then, many people were still under the colonization



This thing has been discovered after Azman Osman who is the classic car collector as well as the OICC conceptor or Otoblitz Indonesia Classic Car Show did the deeper research about the history and journey of the classic vehicles in this country before holding the first classic vehicle exhibition in 2007. The man who was born in 1959 said that Indonesia has done the vehicle imports since 120 years ago and the peak was about 100 years ago. This country was known to have around 200 brands of vehicle which Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and other countries didn’t have at that time.

Of course, this is the huge achievement for this country. Osman did the research by recording and collecting the historical proofs about the development of automotive in Indonesia and he did the research for 2 years by going in and out to the port in Indonesia which had been the gate of the stuffs from overseas. What he did was a huge success. He did the mapping and he collected about 60 units of classic private vehicles from every era of vehicle’s development. The purpose is to educate the society about vehicles.

He did it as the anticipation if his exhibition was so silent and no one came to it. However, his exhibition was so crowded with people and hundreds of people came to the place. Osman said that every exhibition, there will be many people who come and not only for the vehicle lovers. It makes him sure that Indonesia is rich in classic vehicles. He said that its richness is the part of culture and it must be the heritage for the future so they can respect and appreciate the classic vehicles. He did many things in the research.

He came to the ports around Indonesia and found out about the stories including the historical proofs along with collecting documentation. Those were not easy to do but at least, he succeeded. Vehicles are expensive things in Indonesia especially in the past but the truth is, there were so many brands in Indonesia and even Singapore as the advanced country didn’t have it. This is something great since now, you can see there are so many vehicle lovers in Indonesia that form the community of certain brands or types.

It means, classic car is something that will become the trend. Well, some people may say that collecting vehicles is not the affordable hobby especially the classic ones. The more classic it is, the more expensive it will be. However, if you love this hobby, you will not think at all how much money to spend as long as you can get what you want.


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