This is The Indonesian Combat Car Used by Security Forces of The United Nations

The development of technology in Indonesia might not be as fast as other advanced countries in the world such as United States. Indonesia also doesn’t have national cars which are produced in massive amount. However, when it comes to the skill in making so many types of vehicles, don’t underestimate the youth in this country because The United Nations use the combat cars created and manufactured from Indonesia and this has to be appreciated high.



It is true that Indonesia still uses the vehicles from other countries though the young people try developing and making their own cars for the nation. However, it has not produced in massive amount. However, it doesn’t mean that the cars made in Indonesia are bad. You need to know that The United Nations use the combat cars from Indonesia. Not many people know about this fact but the security forces of this institution use Indonesian combat car and not from other countries in the world.

The combat car from Indonesia is named after the rare and ancient animal found in Indonesia only, Komodo. This Komodo even goes international because this world institution uses Komodo as the combat car for the peace mission in Kongo, Africa. This combat car is known as the practical vehicle and it is made by PT. Pindad Persero. The form of this combat car looks like a jeep covered in metal layer and it is designed to conquer any character of the battlefield easily including in the land of Africa.

Pindad Komodo is made in 5 variants. The first one is called V1 and it is known as reconnaissance variant. V2 is the Armored Personnel Carrier variant or APC to transport the troops. Meanwhile, V3 is the command variant, V4 is to carry missile and the last is V5 as the special variant. It means, every type of Komodo has its own duty to do especially in the battlefield. If you talk about the machine inside, you might see differences from the regular city car or family car you always see on the road.

The capacity of the diesel engine is about 5.193 cc and this tactical and practical vehicle can produce the power or energy around 215 ps. However, the positive point is not only that because this combat car has the weight around 25 ton and it has several features such as bullet proof glass and body. It means, this car has the high quality of safety. The glass and the body can hold the bullets in the caliber of 7.62 mm. It proves that this car is so safe for any battlefield including in Kongo, Africa.

The advantage doesn’t stop there because Pindad company also receives many orders of Pindad Komodo for the civil. It means, this will be produced for public civil. However, it is known that there will be the reduce of some specifications compared to the military type since you don’t need any weapon at all when you want to drive this car in the city. You can place your order to Pindad company directly but you need to prepare the money about 2 billion rupiah more or less depending on the type of your order. Based on conclusion, Indonesian people should be proud because their combat cars are used by The United Nations.


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