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This is A Collection of Antique Motorcycles and Cars in The Museum Kampung Cak Soen

Classic vehicles are hype right now and many people start hunting classic cars for their collection even if they have to do traveling around the world and also paying much money to get one of them. However, if you just want to enjoy classic vehicles as your hobby, then you don’t need to travel far around the world easily because you can visit Museum Kampung Cak Soen which is located in Ngawi, East Java and you can see some old vintage cars and motorcycles of all time.


Enjoying Classic Cars and Motorcycles in Museum Kampung Cak Soen while Traveling

If you go pass to the Trans Java and you head to East Java for traveling, it is better for you to visit one of tourism destinations there which is suitable for family holiday too or education about history. Probably, this place really fits to vehicle lovers especially those who love classic vehicles. You can travel back to the past when you visit Museum Kampung Cak Soen. The location is not right at the heart of the city and you can feel the originality of the place when you visit this place. The museum is located with the background of traditional house.

You can also visit Museum Rumah Adat if you want to explore more or if other family members don’t like automotive at all. You can say that all things are packed into one package from Museum Kampung, Museum Rumah Adat and Museum Motor. Those places can be mentioned in one name, Museum Kampung Cak Soen located in Ngawi, East Java. If you really love automotive, you can find so many classic cars and motorcycles that can treat your eyes better and also, you can add more knowledge about them all including story and history.

In this place, you can find so many popular brands from Gaz, Honda Civic, Volkswagen Beetle including the President’s car and all of them are neatly arranged in good condition. Beside classic cars, you can also find classic motorcycles from many brands such as Honda 70s’, Triumph, Indian and BMW. Well, this place is not as luxurious and big as the real classic vehicle museum you can find in Malang or other places. However, this place can be the starting point for you who want to know more about the history of classic vehicles around the world.

The owner of this museum is Drs. H. Suntoro Haryono, MM or known as Cak Soen by the people there. He was the former director of Jasa Raharja Putera. That museum was built at Tempuran Village, Paron Ngawi, East Java. Meanwhile, the environment around that place is known as Rumah Griya Asri. Griya Asri was built in 1921 by Marto Haryono and Isminah who were the parents of Cak Soen. That place is well-maintained and it has been renovated in 2010. If you want to visit this museum, you just need to go along the main road of Ngawi.

You just need to drive until you see the gateway to Tempuran village. You will see the entrance sign about 1 km to the location. You just need to pay around IDR 5k each person to enjoy the museum. You can also get the information about each vehicle there you want to know. If you are traveling around Java and you love education or add knowledge about history, then you should not forget to visit this place and spend your time there.

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