The Pleasure Of a Tour With a Classic Car

Classic cars sometimes define as old cars. Actually, there is no standard definition. People just define the meaning of classic cars based on their own assumption. The word ‘classic’ itself refers to the class of the taxation in some states in America. In the north side of America, there is a different criteria includes the age of the cars. While England also has the special criteria but it is said to be not so strict to classify. How about Indonesia? 

Wow, touring with classic car? It sounds great but kind of impossible because the engine might be not as powerful as the new vehicle. Hold that thought, because our friend from Surabaya already proven it. There is an owner of a vintage car rental who has special tour with classic cars. Surabaya is one of the historic places in Indonesia. It has so many places to be explored.

The owner has extreme idea to get around Surabaya with two vintage cars, Volkswagen Beetle and Volkswagen Kombi. Beyond the expectation, they could accommodate many kinds of road such as steep grade. Two cars that are mentioned before were released in 1960s.




After we read about our friend in Surabaya who already has tour around, why don’t we plan to have our own classic cars tour. The followings are the tips that we can save for our tour. First, decide how long this tour will run. It is important because we have to prepare for the finance. The most popular tour is just one day with 6-10 hours. With that length, we can visit about four or five places.

It will be very effective for small holiday (stay in town for about 3 days). If we have more time or long holiday, we could arrange the longer tour. Second, choose the credible rental car. Make sure that the classic car we want to rent is in a good condition. Third, if we haven’t known about the places we want to visit, choose the package that provide tour guide. The tour guide has double job they are driving and guiding. But if we want to try to drive the car, it will be okay. Just don’t forget to bring our license.

Fourth, don’t forget to allocate our money to buy snacks for the road. This is really important because we need something to eat and drink during the journey. It’s not just for ‘fun’, but it is for our health. We need fluid supply to keep our bodies hydrated. Fifth, plan the restaurants for main course. Ask the tour guide to do that because he is the one who knows the list of the restaurants we can stop by. He also can calculate the time so we are not too late to reach the object but still can have good meal.

We also need the list of the rest area with complete facility like toilet and lounge just in case we want to stop for rest. Sixth, bring safety tools and medicine to deal with unwanted situation. Bring umbrella or rain coat because rain cannot be compromised and can ruin our tour. Seventh, bring spare clothes and flip flop. We can change our clothes if it becomes dirty before the tour end. And we can use flip flop if we want to wash our feet. The last, bring extra money to buy souvenir from our classic car tour for the loved ones.


Hillman Minx Mark-II Drophead Cabriolet 4 Seater

Mobil ini diproduksi tahun 1948 oleh Hillman, sebuah pabrik mobil di Inggris. Bodinya Telah dibangun ulang oleh bengkel terbaik di Bogor, sehingga tidak ada lagi bagian yang keropos. Mesin juga telah diperbaiki sehingga cukup aman dan nyaman digunakan sehari-hari. Surat-surat komplit dan original bawaan dari mobilnya.


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