The List of Classic Cars That Are Selected by Indonesian Celebrities

Having luxurious and expensive vehicles is common thing for celebrities because it can support their appearance in front of people and they have money to buy. However, some of Indonesian celebrities choose classic car instead of the latest version. Well, it is true that something classic has its own charm and some of them dare to spend much money to get the vintage and rare vehicles. Even one Indonesian celebrity doesn’t only have one but more of classic vehicles for collection.



The question is who Indonesian celebrities who have classic car for their collection or ride and what are the classic vehicles they have? Here is the answer such as:


1. Andre Taulany

The former vocalist of Stinky Band Andre Taulany is now known as the comedian but he has another hobby to collect classic vehicles. He has more than three classic vehicles and he always rides one of them which is BMW E30 in silver color. He also has other classic vehicles from Merceses Benz S320 that was released in 1994, Mini Classic Mark I and Jeep Renegade. He has had some other classic vehicles such as Porsche 993, Mini Cooper Morris, Honda Prelude and Toyota MR2 AW11 but he sold all of them and replace them with other classic vehicles again.


2. Dimas Anggara

The husband of Nadine Chandrawinata is known as the automotive lover and he wanted to collect all British vehicles especially Mini Cooper. He is in love with this brand and he even joins the Indonesian Mini Community. So far, Dimas has 3 types of Mini in his own garage and he likes Mini because it feels like riding the car toy and he still wants to add his collection. However, he also has other vehicles beside Mini which are Mercedez Benz and Jeep CJ.


3. Yuke Sampurna

Yuke Sampurna is the Bassist of Groove band and he is also known as the automotive lover who has classic vehicles. He said that latest brand new vehicles don’t suit his taste and he thinks that classic or vintage vehicles are more convenient and simple to use for everyday. Yuke has been starting to collect classic vehicles since he was still in Dewa band years ago. His collections are VW 1967, Harveater Scout 1967 and Land Rover 1961. He even hunts them abroad to get the collection. He even dares to spend much money to get it. Some of them need more maintenance but it doesn’t make him give up in adding his collection.


4. Vino G. Bastian

Young actor Vino G. Bastian admits that he loves classic vehicles. He thinks that classic vehicles are timeless and he was inspired by the American gangster movies he had watched once. In 2008, he bought his first vehicle, Holden. Then, he bought Chevrolet Impala. He replaces his new modern vehicle with the old ones.


Those are some Indonesian celebrities who collect classic car and some of them even have more than one vintage car. Classic vehicles are timeless and the older it is, the more expensive it will be. It means, you need to spend much money if you want to get one. However, the collector will not think twice if they like it.

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