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Merpati Motor Museum, An Effort to Save The Existence of Classic Motorcycles in Indonesia

There are so many classic vehicle lovers in the world including Indonesia and the old-fashioned vehicles can be much more expensive due to their values behind the form. If you like traveling and you love classic motorcycles, then you can visit Merpati Motor museum which is built to save the existence of classic motorcycles in Indonesia and you can learn the history behind hundreds or more motorcycles including bikes from age to age.


Traveling to Merpati Motor Museum to See Old and Vintage Vehicles in Indonesia

There is one man who wants to save the existence of classic motorcycles in Indonesia named Handoko and the man from Jogja decides to become the collector of classic motorcycles. He has hundreds of motorcycles that have been collected until now and the amount can increase too. He even does the education and reminds the people of history related to motorcycles. One day, he builds the museum which is full of vintage stuff and also vehicles. If you love traveling so much, this place is definitely worth a visit and you will not regret at all.

Merpati Motor museum is located at the center of Jogjakarta city. According to the museum owner, the reason he built the museum is to please the people who have the same passion and love for classic motor while educating the people about history of it. You can go straightly to Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan No. 88, Ngampilan, Jogjakarta. However, it seems hard for you to reach the place directly since you will find no sign at all to the museum. Actually, the museum is located along the way of the motorcycles stores.

You can see so many old classic bikes on the stores and it looks like a showroom instead of the real museum in your mind. The showroom is really close to the Titik Nol Kilometer which is popular among the people there. The museum has 2 floors and when you go upstairs, you will see so many motorcycles in different brands placed neatly in horizontal way along with other vintage things such as old radio and also old iron used long time ago by the people in Indonesia during colonization. The space of the room is quite wide.

You don’t only find motorcycles but also you will find many classic cars parked behind the motorcycles’ selling area. Those parked cars can’t be seen easily along the road of Jogja and some of them are completely rare. Handoko tells that actually, those cars belong to his because he is the collector and he loves classic lovers. He tells that he started collecting the vintage motorcycles because he often saw the people rode the old bikes in front of his house. Handoko went to the community just for sightseeing only.

Because of that, Handoko wanted to have the old motorcycle and he loves Harley Davidson. He has deep passion about it and he did traveling to US and Canada to see the people riding the old vehicles there. He chats with the community there and some of the motorcycles were actually bought from Indonesia. Since then, he collects more and more motorcycles to save the precious assets from Indonesia and his collection can be seen easily now in his own Merpati Motor museum with lots of histories and stories.

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