Horror Story Behind The Classic Car

Classic car are very identical to the word old. The reason is because most the cars that categorized as classic were launched long before we were born. For example, there are some people say that the cars were released close to the world tragic event, World War. The age of the cars generally is more than 50 years. It's such a gold age. And in that long time, it is impossible for the just to have few experiences on the street.

For sure, they already moved from one hand to the other. It is rare for them to be owned by one person for that long time. On the street, they might witness some event or incidents. They might witness happy moment in someone's life such as wedding. The car might be used as the wedding car to take the groom to the wedding altar.




Beside the happy event, there are sad or tragic event. The classic cars might witness those events too. It is like the horror story in Bandung about haunted Ambulance. This story really happen in Bandung, West Java and very popular. A movie even was made based on this real life event (directed by Koya Pagayo, main casts are Dimas Andrean, Suzanna and Clift Sangra). This horror real story was begun with the accidence that emerged to a Dutch family.

The whole family members were not safe. All were dead. Before the whole family members were claimed dead, they were brought to the hospital with an ambulance. The next day after the accidence happened, the ambulance was parked in front of the family's house that was located in Bahureksa Street, Bandung. The security officer was very confused about the car appearance. Then he decided to return it to the hospital. However, the next day, the ambulance was parked again in same spot.

The security officer returned it to the hospital again. Unfortunately the ambulance came back again to the house. It was countless about how many time the security officer return the ambulance. He was tired at last. Then, he just let the ambulance parked in front of the house.




horor old carWhile the ambulance was parked in front of the house, the terror was started. The engine often turned on by no one. In the middle of the night, many witnesses saw the ambulance move. The lights were also switched on in the night while nobody was around. The people who walked or drove on the street nearby were very scared. The lights often blinked and disturbed everyone who saw that. Day after day, the terror became scarier.

People nearby were not taking that anymore. They protested to the security officer. Then he removed the engine from the ambulance. The ambulance then never turned itself on again. But, removing the engine from the ambulance didn’t fully stop the terror. The people who passed by still feel disturbed by the unknown voice and strange smell. They asked the security to do something. However, the terrors made people scared and no one was willingly to move that classic car.




horor old car 2The house that owns by the accidence victims now becomes a store. In the afternoon, people come to the store for shopping and they are not disturbed by horror thing again. But, when the night has come, the scary ambience still can be felt. The classic car in the shape of ambulance then is taken by the classic cars club (Munir Parung Motor). Behind the horror story, actually the car is categorized as auto & classic cars.

The classic cars expert still recognizes it that it’s actual brand is Mercedes Benz, and the type or the model is Rubor that was produced in 1961. Rubor, originally, is L319. It was launched for the very first time in 1955. It came with the 2 types, they were truck and van. This belonged to the very advantageous classic cars because it was used for public interest. The truck was functioned as the food supply carrier or goods delivery. The van was functioned as ambulance (like the story above) and firefighter car.

These cars were very comfortable for drivers because the front side was not too big. The drivers could see the street widely and minimized the car accidence. The passengers were also comfortable because the room was large. The cars then were reborn as L405.

Now, this kind of cars maybe just parked in the museum. But, there is a possibility that the engine is replaced with the recent powerful machine so this car still can take people to the place they want. As we know that recently, classic auto & cars gain its popularity again. People notice the eccentricity of the size and shape. Moreover, these kinds of car can accommodate more people inside. It is not impossible for this unique van to be ‘on’ again. It will be a new experience to be in an ‘ex’ haunted classic car.

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