Get Around The City Using Vespa In Situbondo

Want to try something different during the holidays? Situbondo, East Java Indonesia has something different and interesting to try. Touring around the city by riding the Vespa trailer is a thing that is worth a try when visiting Situbondo. Vespa itself is a classic scooter vehicle and comes from Italy. Vespa articulated is a modification of Vespa mounted with a cart that functions as a passenger seat. With an epic modification it produces a Vespa articulated trailer that can be used for more attractive transportation for traveling.

Nowadays, tourism using Vespa is much sought after by tourists who visit or just stop by in Situbondo, East Java. Vespa tourism was initiated by the Vespasito community to be able to provide a city tour service to tourists with the "Vespasita City Tour" program. This city tour service with Vespa gets a lot of attention from tourists. This can be seen by the number of tourists who have felt using this service. Many tourists who have used this tour service include tourists from Singapore, Switzerland, Spain and Japan.

Riding the Vespa articulate while touring the city is a unique experience that you should try to travel. Knowing the beautiful view of the city of Situbondo firsthand and feeling the fresh air is an interesting experience that is worth trying. Travel around the city is also included by visiting several interesting tourist destinations in the city of Situbondo such as Blekok village.

In addition, tourists will also be taken to visit the Ipaduli river area which is located in Dawuhan Region where they will be presented with various international tourism icons from the Eiffel tower to the Marlion statue. Visiting tourist destinations will be an interesting experience. The tourists can also find out the other uniqueness of the city of Situbondo during traveling.

During the trip, tourists will also be invited to experience the unique traditional snacks of Situbondo that are unique. Traditional snacks that are usually offered include ice degan or coconut water with ice, cendol dawet which is a special drink that has a sweet and savory taste and texture of chewy cendol that will only be found in Indonesia.

Then there are also a variety of interesting traditional foods such as lupis cakes that taste delicious with a soft texture, sweet rujak which is a mixture of fruit with peanut sauce with a slightly spicy flavor, mixed tofu, and the most interesting are chicken noodles with spices and chewy noodles with a springy texture.

For those of you who like to travel unique and different, Vespa articulated tours are the right choice. The Vespasita City Tour program provides a complete short traveling package starting from around the city of Situbondo, visiting the closest tourist destination and the most interesting is the traditional culinary tour that is unique and has a delicious taste.

Have a pleasant traveling experience you can get in Situbondo, East Java. If you visit Indonesia, make time to stop by this city to be able to enjoy traveling around the city which is fun and gives you a memorable experience.

Hobi Mobil Eropa, Pria Asal Solo Ini Mengkoleksi 10 Unit Peugeot

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