Favorite Tourist Spots For Challenging Touring Activities In Indonesia

Favorite Tourist Spots For Challenging Touring Activities In Indonesia Favorite Tourist Spots For Challenging Touring Activities In Indonesia

Touring activity is one of the activities of exploring by motorcycle around an area. Many touring activities have been carried out by people because they feel more fun and relieve fatigue from the many work activities in the city. Indonesia has many places that are suitable for touring. Doing touring activities can be done alone or in groups. To get a more pleasant sensation, doing tour with friends is challenging, as well as challenging. The following are places in Indonesia that are suitable for many touring activities.


1. Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Seeing Mount Bromo Tengger and Semeru can be an unforgettable experience. This place is already very famous for its exotic natural beauty. Doing ideas for touring to this place is the right thing. Besides having good natural beauty, Bromo Tengger and Semeru National Parks have good road conditions where the road is more quiet than a variety of large vehicles. This is certainly a good opportunity to be able to do touring in this location.


2. Ujung Genteng

For those of you who want to unwind after being busy with various activities that exist, touring with friends to Ujung Genteng can be the right choice. This is because this place has a very beautiful scenery and the beach has clear water. You will not regret coming to this place because the tourism objects are very interesting starting from the conservation area, fresh waterfalls to geopark. After you get to this place you will be paid off by seeing the view that is served.


3. Flores

Flores is one of the famous tourist destinations in Indonesia. Saving a lot of natural diversity makes Flores a place worth visiting. Especially with the existence of dragons which is one of the natural wonders in Indonesia. If you are interested in being able to touring, Flores is the right place and many also recommend this place for various tourist destinations. Flores has good road conditions, besides that the road is also quite safe. The tracks themselves can start from Labuan Bajo to Larantuka.


4. Tanjung Lesung

Tanjung Lesung itself is in Pandeglang Regency, Banten. This place is also a favorite destination for touring. For the motorcycle community, this place is often visited by touring. Beach with beautiful white sand makes this beach have a stunning beauty that anyone who sees it. Therefore, many people also recommend this place for tourism and touring purposes.


5. West Sumatra

West Sumatra stores a lot of natural beauty from the coast to the stunning lake. This breathtaking view can make people feel enchanted. Nature is still beautiful and the fresh air makes the experience of exploring more enjoyable. For those who want to do touring activities, West Sumatra is a suitable place, various tourist destinations can be explored. Roads that are safe enough to be passed are the main attraction.


Basically there are many places in Indonesia that can be fun and challenging touring. The roads in Indonesia have also started well, so touring will be more fun. For those of you who are interested in touring, doing the right preparation before touring is the right thing to do.

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