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Enjoy The Ambience of Classic Motor Bikes at Brick Cafe in Jogja

There are so many instagrammable cafes in Indonesia you can visit. Jogjakarta is one of the cities in Indonesia that full of cafes around. Most of them bring the unique concept for the customers including hobbies. It means, you can’t get the entertainment and meals only but you can hang out there while enjoying the beautiful interior design such as Brick Cafe in Jogja. If you love classic motor bikes, then you can visit and spend your time in this vintage cafe.


Find Entertainment Through Hobby in The Most Instagrammable Cafe in Jogja, Brick Cafe

Brick Cafe in Jogja is so popular and hits right now among the young people who live there and the place full of entertainment. It is because this cafe has the most instagrammable interior and exterior. When you visit this place for the first time, this cafe will remind you of the old-fashioned restaurants in Europe. Just like the name, this place is made of classic bricks. You can feel the vintage and old ambience around the cafe for the first time so you will feel like you are in the Europe or go abroad. When you arrive at the parking area, you will see the large and classic Mercedes Benz.

When you see it at the entrance, then you arrive at the right place. The British atmosphere can be seen in this place and Brick cafe is quite the new cafe and it has been opened since 2017. Before entering the cafe, many people enjoy the exterior outside the cafe by taking pictures as many as you can. Young people who come there really love taking picture of Brick cafe and post them on Instagram or other social media. You can see the traffic lights in European style and black color with colorful wall that make it more special for the customers.

If you look around the cafe, you will find the old red British-styled payphone that add the classic British style to the cafe just like in London and Europe. Beside that, you can see the 70’s classic motor bike and also the bike with basket full of flowers to add aesthetic of this place. When you enter this cafe, you will be welcomed by the waiters and also the European interior design from the chairs, old radio and other things there. You can see the hanging vespa that catches people’s attention. This building has 2 floors that feel like home.

However, you can feel like home on the second floor because there are many old TVs. If you want to have meeting with colleagues or friends, you can find the private room and do your business there. Meanwhile, you don’t only enjoy the design or interior of the cafe along with so many old vehicles. You can eat many types of food from different countries such as Tom Yum, pasta, steak, hamburger, nachos and more. If you want to drink, you can try many types of coffee such as Brick Blended, smoothies, espresso and more.

Of course, there will be so many types of tea too that will add British culture to the cafe. You don’t need any special hours to come because this cafe is open for 24 hours. Though the building seems so luxurious, the range of price is so affordable to the wallet. Enjoy most entertainment there with the best ambience of vintage motors.

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