Classic Cars And Traditional Culinary

Classic cars always adsorb people’s attentions on the street. The meaning itself can be very tricky. It is because the definition of classic cars can be different for everyone. The criteria of being classic is not so clear or established. In the old time, when the cars were first published, they might be the most modern cars. One of the criteria may be revealed that classic cars must be old. In recent time, for there is evolution of the models, we might say that the old cars have eccentric models and types.

The very unique shape and size of the classic auto & cars are ready to take us to the road. It mentions that the size also becomes its difference because old cars usually come with the big size. Have you ever noticed old cars? The passenger might be just 4 but the vehicle size is twice larger than the modern ones (with capacity for 4 passengers too).

There is compact old car but most of them are not. Those two things (size and shape) drag our mind to the old time. In the year 1950s or 1960s, big cars were common to show up on the road. The crowd in that time was not as much as recent condition.




Classic cars remind us to the very old times, so do traditional culinary. Indonesia has so many cultures with so many products are produced. One of them is the delicacy of the food. Currently, people like to have fast food and modern food as daily meal. They almost forget about the existence of traditional food that maybe was their food when they were still children. This can be an option for us to enjoy our days off. Previously, people might think that vacation is always identical with beach or mountain touring.

Now, even traditional culinary can be one sweet escape from our realities. What is the relation between classic cars and traditional culinary then? Those two things come from old times. Combining those things can be the perfect harmony. When we enjoy the traditional food bite by bite, our tongues feel the old delicious taste that we already tasted in old times. While doing that, the treat for our eyes is watching the old cars.

Seeing they are parked tidily makes us amused. Moreover, the building of the place is in traditional style too. We will ‘live’ in the 1960s. Our parents might remember their memories when they were young. Maybe, it is when they first fell in love. It’s so romantic.




The feet cannot be controlled. They walk and demand hardly to explore more about this dreamy place. Actually what place is this? This is a concept place where we can relax to entertain ourselves. Once, we might think that this is a coffee place. But, coffee place is just for those who love coffee. So, the perfect term to describe this amazing dreamy place is a restaurant. In a restaurant, everyone could come even children.

Children could eat traditional food because it is way healthier than fast and junk food. We can tell the story to our children about our childhood that is colored by the classic cars and traditional culinary. We will be happier if this restaurant is homey too. We’ve been enough enjoying modern building with the lights that hurt our eyes. When a place like this is in the shape of traditional style, we can feel the homey ambiance. It will be comfortable. For awhile, we feel like being children again with no burden on our shoulder.

For tourists who come from abroad, they can improve their knowledge about Indonesian cultures. The building style and the foods really represent one of the Indonesian troop that live most in Yogyakarta, it is Javanese. For painting artist, this can be the great object to be drawn. Photographers are also going to love this place. They can ask the models to have good poses near the antique cars and have the perfect pictures. It is not too much to say that this kind of place will be the most hunted place for the photographers. Many photography events also can be held here.

It could be short course for the beginner photographers and other kind of workshop. The bloggers and vloggers will be so enthusiastic with this place because there are many things can be put in their YouTube channels and blog account they are classic cars, traditional culinary, the traditional style building and the ornaments that they can find all over the place.

There are sculptures of Javanese wayang figure, Punokawan. Punokawan is a group of comedians that make joke in wayang performance. There is also an old Javanese bicycle that Javanese people usually call it ‘pit onthel’. There are many more fun things you can do with classic cars and traditional culinary.

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