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Challenging Tourism Merapi Trail In Sleman

Merapi nature tourism is a tourist destination that is suitable for those of you who like challenges. For those of you who like to ride a dirt bike or ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) this tour can be the right choice for you to explore. Exploring the natural attractions of Mount Merapi by passing rock ruins and cold lava that ever happened in the region is challenging. If you want a more challenging tour, trying this tour can be a challenge to get an exciting and exciting adventure.

Basically you have to be on guard when you want to explore or come to tour the ruins of Mount Merapi like in the Kaliadem area. Usually there are markers that indicate the danger of cold lava, so tourists visiting are expected to continue to be vigilant for cold lava which can only occur, especially if there is rain which increases the occurrence of cold lava. For safer tours, tourists can visit the Merapi tourist spots, especially the Kaliadem area for good weather.

For a challenging tourist destination that is a favorite for tourists because of its location located above for adventure is usually Kinahrejo Village which is the place of Mbah Marijan and Kaliadem Village. For those of you who have a challenging sport hobby, passing a variety of different tracks and can provide a memorable adventure experience.

You can pass the track with a dirt bike and ATV which is usually already provided by the nearest vehicle loan agent. The packages provided for those of you who are interested in this cruise tour are three which include short routes, medium routes and long routes. On a short route alone, usually without a guide or tourists to trail independently, the fee is set around IDR 150,000.

The second package usually uses a guide which is usually pegged at a price of around IDR 200,000. And the most expensive third package is pegged at around IDR 300,000. The estimated time also varies for each destination depending on the agent chosen by the tourists. Usually a long track takes approximately two hours.

Exploring in a challenging place will provide a pleasant experience as good as challenging guts. Navigating with a guide will certainly be safer because they know the tracks well and tourists can explore safely. You will get a beautiful mountain view and find other natural beauty that will amaze you.

For safety in roaming, tourists will be recommended to use several safety devices to protect safety during activities. Safety equipment used includes motocross clothes, special shoes designed to withstand various fields accompanied by other equipment such as elbow covers, legs and gloves along with helmets. Using safety equipment is an important thing that should not be ignored and is a must to keep tourists safe. If you come to Yogyakarta, you can try this nature tour to get an exploring experience that challenges you. Amazing natural scenery that you can enjoy will be a memorable experience. Choosing to use trail or ATV you will still get the same experience for adventure.

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