Adventure with Offroad Tourism Indonesia

Adventure with Offroad Tourism Indonesia Adventure with Offroad Tourism Indonesia

Offroad tourism Indonesia has been more familiar among people for those who live in Indonesia including those who come from other countries or foreigners. If you love adventure, this activity can pump up your adrenaline so well. Many people say that offroad is dangerous since the racetrack is full of rocks, stones and mud. The track is not easy even for professionals but this is the most interesting part of offroad since the people do it to overcome their fear and conquer the road.



Indonesia is blessed with so many great natures and some of them are suitable for offroad because along side the road, you can have the best adventure while enjoying the view. If you are not scared of dirt and if you love challenge so much, offroad might be the best sportainment for you but where to do it? You don’t need to worry because in Indonesia, there are some great places for you to do offroad and you can visit that place easily such as:


1. Mount Merapi, Sleman, Jogjakarta

The tourism spot which is perfect for offroad is Mount Merapi. Somehow, the offroad tour in this place will be called as Merapi Lava Tour. It is because the routes you need to pass are near the lava of Mount Merapi. However, there are some routes you can choose based on your courage. For instance, you can choose the short route that will spend about 1 to 2 hours by passing some points from Bunker Kaliadem, Batu Alien, Museum Sisa Hartaku. Meanwhile, the longest route will take around 4-5 hours. You will also rise through the rivers from Batang, Blongkeng and Lamat. Most people say that this is so dangerous and scary since you will do offroad near one of the active mountains in the world. Merapi Lava Tour will start at 04.30 a.m while watching or witnessing the sunrise.


2. Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java

Another spot for offroad tourism is Mount Bromo. There are many tourists who come to this place just to enjoy the beautiful sunrise, camping or doing the offroad. If you visit this place, you will use jeep because the road is hard to be passed by the normal vehicle. You will go through the steep climbs that will make your heart falls especially when you have to pass another jeep on the narrow road. However, this situation will not make the people step back from the activity because most people really like and enjoy the challenge. The view of Mount Bromo is widely popular around the world and you don’t have to doubt it anymore. If you pass the offroad tour, you can just sit down while enjoying the scenery and taking pictures as many as you can.


3. Kelud Mountain, Kediri, East Java

Mount Kelud is popular recently after being shown on TV. The track is about 8 to 16 km and it will take you to the rocky road with steep climbs until the you arrive at the crater of Mount Kelud. Meanwhile, Mount Kelud has been known as the offroad tourism arena. The sand of Mount Kelud is usually used for trail motor racing. Now, you can also use it for offroad with different obstacles.


Those are the place full of adventure you can choose to do offroad and you can also search for other locations that can give you challenge and spirit to pump up your adrenaline.

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