There are so many instagrammable cafes in Indonesia you can visit. Jogjakarta is one of the cities in Indonesia that full of cafes around. Most of them bring the unique concept for the customers including hobbies. It means, you can’t get the entertainment and meals only but you can hang out there while enjoying the beautiful interior design such as Brick Cafe in Jogja. If you love classic motor bikes, then you can visit and spend your time in this vintage cafe.
Bali is the complete island that offers all excitement in one place. If you are the sea lovers, then you can visit many beaches in Bali and do some water sports. However, if you just enjoy hanging out with friends, then you can go to the cafes because cafes in Bali can offer the full entertainment for you with delicious gourmet to enjoy. Meanwhile, if you are a man and you like classic cars or motors, then you can go to Man Shed and spend your time there with vintage cars lovers.
Offroad tourism Indonesia has been more familiar among people for those who live in Indonesia including those who come from other countries or foreigners. If you love adventure, this activity can pump up your adrenaline so well. Many people say that offroad is dangerous since the racetrack is full of rocks, stones and mud. The track is not easy even for professionals but this is the most interesting part of offroad since the people do it to overcome their fear and conquer the road.
Classic vehicles are hype right now and many people start hunting classic cars for their collection even if they have to do traveling around the world and also paying much money to get one of them. However, if you just want to enjoy classic vehicles as your hobby, then you don’t need to travel far around the world easily because you can visit Museum Kampung Cak Soen which is located in Ngawi, East Java and you can see some old vintage cars and motorcycles of all time.
There are so many classic vehicle lovers in the world including Indonesia and the old-fashioned vehicles can be much more expensive due to their values behind the form. If you like traveling and you love classic motorcycles, then you can visit Merpati Motor museum which is built to save the existence of classic motorcycles in Indonesia and you can learn the history behind hundreds or more motorcycles including bikes from age to age.
Want to try something different during the holidays? Situbondo, East Java Indonesia has something different and interesting to try. Touring around the city by riding the Vespa trailer is a thing that is worth a try when visiting Situbondo. Vespa itself is a classic scooter vehicle and comes from Italy. Vespa articulated is a modification of Vespa mounted with a cart that functions as a passenger seat. With an epic modification it produces a Vespa articulated trailer that can be used for more attractive transportation for traveling.