Introducing the Oldest and Legendary Auto & Car Association in Indonesia

All You Need to Know About Indonesian Classic Car Association - Those who love classic and vintage car must have heard about "Perhimpunan Pecinta Mobil Kuno Indonesia" (PPMKI) or Indonesian Vintage and Classic Car Association. It is a legendary association that has been established for 40 years. In this association, you will found people with vintage cars that are mostly produced before the 70s.

PPMKI is a non-commercial association that was established from the spirit to sustain vintage car which have important meaning for the history and the development of Indonesian technology. This association was built on November 13, 1929, as an official organization for all vintage lovers in Indonesia.This year, this community will reach its 40 years of existence, marking its maturity as a community.

Not many organizations are able to exist that long and able to spread its branch to several provinces like North Sumatera, West Sumatera, Jambi, Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, and Bali. The beginning of the establishment of this association was seen in November 1979 where the first automotive shows were exhibited in Bali Sidang Jakarta, held by IKIA Inc.

As the first car shows, many types of car brands did not want to miss this special event. An ad inviting cars lovers to this event was made. It turns out that people are enthusiastic with this event especially from the classic and vintage car lovers. That is the first time classic old cars attend this shows. In this first event, 10 units of the classic car including a Ford produced in 1918 came as the participant of the show.




The first event held by the Indonesian Vintage and Classic Car Association or PPMKI was a Joy Tour to Carita and Cimelati beach. From there a lot more events involving classic cars were held. In 1980 PPMKI held the first vintage car rally from Jakarta to Semarang.

This is considered as a brave move considering that during the time, the committee has not had high-speed experience event yet. However, with masters of rally such as Tinton Supratop, Doly Indra Nasution, and Doly Sofary, this event runs smoothly and has become an annual agenda of PPMKI ever since and also become a national automotive event.

This organization also celebrates its anniversary with an annual touring. But in addition to the annual touring, PPMKI also has other touring held outside their Anniversary. Despite being an automotive association, the event of this association is not only circles around tour or cars only. PPMKI also actively held other activities such as social services, exhibition, and many others.




Just like the previous years, Indonesian Vintage and Classic Car Association will also hold their annual touring to celebrate their anniversary. This year, it is going to be more special since it celebrates the 40th year of its existence in Indonesia. As the oldest auto & car association in Indonesia, the touring event will involve more than 300 classic and retro cars and participants from Sumatera, Java, and Bali.

In this event, the participants will depart from Jakarta, followed by other participants from West Java, Central Java, and Yogyakarta which then gathered and held an event in East Java with other participants from Bali and other Easter part of Indonesia.




To this day, almost 2000 people are recorded in the Secretariat data as the members of the PPMKI. However, its membership is actually not too strict. Everyone is free to join another automotive club because the most important thing for this community is the togetherness.

There are no specific requirements to become a member of Indonesian Vintage and Classic Car Association. However, joining this organization means that you will some benefits such as increase the networking and cooperation between its members. Since this is an old organization, PPMKI has become a big family and every member are part of this one big family.

As a member, this means that you will receive a lot of recommendation about a spare part or looking for information about cars, where to buy them, or the best garage to visit. Although does not quite have specific requirements, PPMKI does have a technical recommendation for the car which can become a measurement for other members who wants to perfect their own car.




In the past, the cars that become the members of this association are those produced in the 70s or before. In the classification of an old car, 70s cars are categorized as classic and vintage cars. However, Indonesian Vintage and Classic Car Association is now opening themselves to receive membership from cars produced in the 80s or the beginning of 90s.

The reason for this move is so that more young people are encouraged to join this membership, especially those who have the same interest and passion for classic and vintage cars. It is hoped that the existence of antique cars from various production years are more recognized.

If we count it from 2018, then the youngest car that can join this association is the car that was at least produced in 1977. This rules resulting in the limited amount of young people joining the Indonesian Vintage and Classic Car Association or PPMKI. Considering that the older a production year of a classic car, the more expensive it becomes.

With this new regulation that allows the younger generation to join the association, it is hoped that they will also have the opportunity to have a classic and vintage car. There are actually a lot of young people who wish to have this type of car, however, the expensive cost hinders this interest. In the end, this interest then directs them to purchase the 80s to the 90s car which are relatively cheaper auto & car compared to a classic and vintage car.

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