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Classic Cars Tour With Batik

Classic cars are the vehicles that come from different era. They come from many decades before now. The current cars or the modern cars are the result of the old vehicle’s evolution. Year to year, there is always a new formula for a better drive.

Previously, when the street is not so crowded like now, people like to use vehicle with huge size. It is because in that time, cars could be counted easily. Recently, every inch of the street is filled with vehicle. Classic cars slow but sure, are left by the users. The space on earth is narrower time by time because of the massive human population progress.

The old cars for daily usage are now not effective and efficient for busy workers. However, there is always one time in our life that we miss the different ambience. Our busy days need to be off for a while. Every day, we drive our city car or motorbike to the office. Classis cars can be one of the relaxing entertainments to escape from the reality.



Classic Cars Tour

When the words classic cars are said, the movie fans may remember about 1960s movies. In the cinema, there are movies that tell us about 1960s such as G.I Blues (a movie stared by Elvis Presley). Some scenes take place on the road and the star drives an old unique car. It can create the ambience of the 1960s to the scene. Because we will have a tour with the classic cars, this ambience will be ours too. It will be hard and cost a lot of money if we buy that old vehicle. Because of that financial reason, we don’t need to buy and have it on our own.

There are some places that provide service to rent the classic car for our tour. The worry about the stamina of the cars can be pushed aside. The strong reason is that there are many people who already proven that this old vehicle could do just like the current vehicle. Despite many of them have the engines renewal, but the enchantment of these old cars cannot be easily rejected. There is always a strong desirability to drive or at least to try. Take Jogja for our object example. Jogja has bunch of objects that are attractive. Almost every year, Jogja opens a new place as tour object. With classic cars, we explore the new places of Jogja with special way.



Classic Cars Tour And Batik

batik classic auto car 1From the words, there may be no relation between classic cars and batik. Classic cars are the cars we read above. While batik is the traditional painting exclusively produced in Indonesia. From here we can have the silver lining. Guess what! Jogja is one of the regions that produce batik. There are so many great batik artist were born in Jogja. When commemorating batik national day, there is a terrific idea to combine the classic of batik and the old cars.

The cars are painted with batik design. Some batik artist prints the batik design on the sticker, cut it then adhere it on the car surface. That method does not ruin the original paint. Some other really draw on the car with serious brush and permanent paint. It takes longer time to finish but that doesn’t matter because the artist will get his satisfaction. This parade presents the theme that batik is not just for human clothing. It is also ‘cloth’ for car. The results of the batik cars are very magnificent and beautiful.



Classic On Classic

The classic auto & cars that are successful to be in batik design are, first, a car which is like Beetle (a car launched by Volkswagen). This car hasn’t been revealed the model and the brand, but based on the appearance, it looks like Beetle. The next one will be the Beetle car belongs to Yudi. He designs the car with three dominant colors (yellow, black and red). It represents the German flags where the car comes from. With those three colors, the Java traditional batik design is drawn on the car surface. The appearance looks so harmony although it is a combination from two different cultures.

The Indonesian musician, Piyu, the guitarist of Padi Band also designs his classic car with batik. We never have idea that Piyu has a very good taste in choosing classic car as his hobby. Many celebrities and musicians choose super luxurious car with the sophisticated facilities. Most of them show their success in finance by owning expensive sport car. Piyu may be different and has meaningful reason behind that. Moreover, he put batik design on the car. This is what we call classic on classic, or luxury on luxury. The meaning is the car has classic taste, and covered by classic batik design.


Volvo 700 Series, Bukti Keabadian Desain Konservatif

Tahun 1980an awal menjadi tonggak sejarah bagi Volvo untuk bergelut di pasar mobil mewah. Demi ambisi untuk bisa menguasai segmen tersebut, pabrikan ini kemudian meluncurkan Volvo 700 Series sebagai pengganti 200 Series yang dianggap sudah kuno. Berbeda dengan mobil mewah garapan BMW atau Mercy pada rentang waktu yang sama, Volvo 700 Series dibuat dengan desain yang terbilang konservatif. Baca selengkapnya...


Ford Model "A", Truk Buatan Amerika Pertama Yang Masuk Indonesia

Truk Ford pada jamannya juga dikenal di Indonesia. Keberadaan truk ini berawal ketika susu kental manis di bawah merek Friesche Vlag diimpor oleh Cooperatve Condensfabriek Friesland mulai dipasarkan disini. Cooperative Condensfabriek Friesland kemudian berubah menjadi Royal Friesland Campina, pada tahun 1922. Sweetened Condensed Milk ini sejak awal memang direncanakan untuk dijual oleh mitra bisnisnya di Indonesia, dengan merk "Soesoe Tjap Bendera". Baca selengkapnya...
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    Forsale Jeep M151 MUTT A2

    Tahun 1974 . Full restorasi seperti baru. Type paling tinggi, ada heater ( type arctic) dan pod colokan jumper/ las. Surat lengkap bawan mobil tax On. Mesin ori water proof, 24 volt. Kaki kaki independen suspension empuk seperti sedan ( per keong). Cat baru repainting army green dop ( kerok angkat body). Baut baru semua. Engine Grill cover ori USA baru. Busi dan kabel busi baru. Coil dan bendix baru. Antene military ori ( pecut, antene samping lengkap). Mobil Ganteng, Siap dimahar open 400 nego…


Holden Statesman HQ dan HJ, Mobil Sedan Mewah Era-70an

Bicara soal mobil sedan mewah klasik, Holden tak bisa ditinggalkan. Mobil ini sempat meramaikan pasar sedan di Indonesia pada dekade tahun 1970an. Varian yang paling terkenal pada masa itu adalah Holden Statesman. Dimensi bodinya terbilang besar dan panjang yang menandai mobil ini masuk kelas mobil sedan mewah. Sebagai kasta terttinggi dilininya, tak mengherankan jika mobil ini pun dilengkapi dengan berbagai fitur dan aksesoris. Baca selengkapnya...
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    Dijual Holden Premier HQ 1972



Mitsubishi Colt T120, Mobil Niaga Lintas Generasi

Berbicara soal mobil tua, bukan saja tentang mobil-mobil mewah di zamannya yang menjadi tunggangan para elite, melainkan juga soal mobil-mobil niaga yang rela dijadikan kuda beban. Salah satunya adalah Mitsubishi Colt T Series. Seri besutan pabrikan Jepang satu ini rasanya layak disebut sebagai kendaraan tangguh lintas medan dan zaman. Lebih dari itu, kiranya tak berlebihan menyebut Colt T Series yang di Indonesia lebih dikenal dengan nama Colt Dolak sebagai maha karya Mitsubishi yang tak… Baca selengkapnya...
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    Forsale! Toyota Lift Back 1.6 Ae92 1988

    Mesin sehat kenceng & bertenaga Kelistrikan 0k Radiator aman no overheat AC dingin Cat mulus body no kropos List kaca &k aret body ok Interior original fabric Lampu full original koito Japan Velg enkei spoke f ori Japan Kaki kaki aman 4 ban pcs tebal Pajak panjang on Mobil siap gas diajak kencan dalam luar kota